Industry-Leading 10-Year, No Red Tape Warranty.

Built For You

With over 20 years of business in the lighting industry, EverLast Lighting’s industry-leading options and features make every fixture truly built for you.

With its core focus on commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions, Everlast Lighting understands how quality lighting impacts your business. That’s why every project starts and ends with you, the customer.

Award-winning, industry-leading LED lighting solutions

With thousands of customizable options available, EverLast has the products you need for almost any application. Every fixture is backed with an industry-leading No Red Tape limited warranty.

EverLast Lighting Retailer Series HL15D LED High Bay


With its industry-leading lumen output per dollar and overall efficiency, EverLast’s LED high bay fixtures feature a beautiful design with the technology and performance you need.


EverLast Lighting LED lighting solutions are helping commercial parking areas across America increase product and brand visibility while improving safety and security on their properties.


Creating a consistent, productive workspace starts with great design and excellent lighting. EverLast’s LED interior and office solutions create a safer, more productive workspace.

20+ Years of Experience & Innovation

With its industry-leading lumen output per dollar and overall efficiency, EverLast fixtures give you the technology and performance you need. Whatever the application, EverLast is Built for You.

Built for You

EverLast has more options and features than most of their competitors. EverLast believes that every project is different and that’s why every fixture is truly Built for You.

Increase Your Savings

EverLast’s fixtures outperform the competition in energy savings. Making the switch to EverLast LED products, you’ll significantly improve your payback and decrease your total cost of ownership.

No Red Tape Warranty

Your peace of mind is important to us. That’s why nearly every EverLast fixture carries an industry-leading, 10 year, no red-tape warranty.

Beautiful Design

EverLast’s fixtures are the ideal aesthetic fit for almost any application. Their beautifully designed, yet durable products, EverLast fixtures will enhance your space and produce a perfectly lit area.

Whatever the industry, we're Built for You

EverLast fixtures are the ideal fit for almost any application.  Utilizing powerful LEDs and industry-leading patented technology, EverLast fixtures outperforms the competition.  From warehousing to agriculture, Everlast is Built for You.

It's Simple: We Listen

Our team, located in the heart of Michigan, are passionate about finding the right lighting solution for you because, at EverLast, we’re Built for You.

  • Industry-leading, No Red Tape, limited warranty

  • Over 130 DLC listed fixtures

  • Solution-based manufacturing approach