From basketball and tennis courts to cafeterias and parking lots, EverLast Lighting illuminates educational institutions.

Indoor Athletics

The EverLast Lighting line of LED high bays are considered the “seasoned pros” of indoor athletic lighting for schools and colleges across America. With 9 reflector options, wireguards, birdcages, and sensor options available, EverLast Lighting delivers a complete package when it comes to indoor sports lighting for educational institutions regardless of their size or lighting needs.

Outdoor Athletics

EverLast Lighting manufactures a powerful, cost-effective parking and site lighting package with the Encounter Series area lights. Available in lumen packages starting at 14,760 lumens and reaching an impressive 69,200 lumens. Distribution packages of Type III, Type IV, and Type V are delivered via our impact resistant over-chip-optical lens panels which are designed to provide precise light delivery.


EverLast Lighting is rapidly emerging as the quintessential solution for indoor aquatic facilities nationwide. Our IP65 rating, coupled with its corrosion-resistant powder coating, all-stainless-steel hardware, and optional indirect lighting package ensures lifelong durability and high performance. It is these features that make our products exceptionally well-suited for the challenges posed by the humid environments found in indoor swimming pools.

Cafeteria / Multi-Purpose

EverLast Lighting manufactures a complete line of high and low-bay LED fixtures ideally suited for use in cafeterias and general-use areas throughout schools. Our circular high/low bay line offers 9 reflector choices, 4 optics packages, and several mounting options to deliver the perfect aesthetic and light distribution for nearly any location, and all our fixtures are controls-agnostic allowing for seamless integration into building controls systems.

Parking / Pedestrian Spaces

EverLast Lighting manufactures parking and pedestrian space lighting in 6 wattage packages ranging from 100w to 500w. Each wattage package has 3 optics packages and 3 mounting options available to ensure the perfect solution no matter the space. Designed with safety and security in mind, the EverLast Encounter Series area lights are the perfect solution for educational institutions of all sizes.

5-Year, No Red Tape,
Limited Warranty

With over 20 years of business in the lighting industry, EverLast Lighting’s industry-leading options and features make every fixture truly built for you.

With its core focus on commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions, Everlast Lighting understands how quality lighting impacts your business. That’s why every project starts and ends with you, the customer, and is backed by our industry-leading 5-Year, No Red Tape, warranty.


LED lighting engineered for educational institutions.


Highly efficient LED lighting that saves schools on energy costs.


Backed by EverLast Lighting’s industry-leading warranty and support services.

"EverLast delivers both a standard and custom lighting solution for nearly any application imaginable. We understand the EverLast difference."

With a product line capable of illuminating nearly every space inside and outside of an educational institution, EverLast Lighting has quickly become the preferred source of LED lighting at schools and universities across the nation.

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