In-House Customization

EverLast Lighting has the internal resources to make your project exactly the way you need it. From CNC metal punches and presses to our state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment, EverLast Lighting has the equipment and expertise to deliver precisely what you need, when you need it. No more settling for off-the-shelf lighting solutions when you can have made exactly what you need.

  • In-house metal fabrication
  • In-house laser cutting
  • In-house metal stamping
  • In-house paint booth
  • Locally sourced powder coating services


EverLast’s LED products will improve the quality of your lighting, efficiency and make a significant impact on your overall space.


Customized lighting solutions built to budget at our Michigan facility.


A complete customer-focused experience is delivered with every project. From start to finish EverLast is here for you.

"EverLast simply offers a superior product and unparalleled service and support."

EverLast Lighting understands that every customer has unique requirements for their lighting needs, and that no two jobs are created equal. That is why EverLast Lighting has its own in-house metal forming and fabrication facilities to offer customization at a level no other brand can. We also work closely with a local powder coating facility to provide custom color options for those jobs where simply black and white fixture will not suffice.

A 10-Year Warranty with No Compromises

With two decades of experience in the lighting industry, EverLast Lighting specializes in commercial and industrial LED solutions. Our fixtures are meticulously crafted with industry-leading features, ensuring they are tailored to meet your needs. Recognizing the profound impact of quality lighting on businesses, we prioritize our customers throughout every project. Backed by our unrivaled 10-Year warranty, we are committed to delivering uncompromised excellence from start to finish.

10-Year, No Red Tape,
Limited Warranty

With over 20 years of business in the lighting industry, EverLast Lighting’s industry-leading options and features make every fixture truly built for you.

With its core focus on commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions, Everlast Lighting understands how quality lighting impacts your business. That’s why every project starts and ends with you, the customer and is backed by our industry-leading 10-Year, No Red Tape, warranty.

Looking For Case Studies?

Want to learn more about EverLast’s successful LED lighting projects? Below are case studies from multiple industries that highlight EverLast’s team, products, and solutions.