From the manufacturing floor to the loading docks, EverLast Lighting delivers reliability and performance.

Manufacturing / Assembly

With our commitment to quality and durability, EverLast Lighting manufactures a complete line of high-efficiency high bays developed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of the manufacturing and assembly sectors. Able to withstand ambient air temperatures up to 150°F, and providing lumen packages starting at 17,000 lumens and exceeding 100,000 lumens, EverLast Lighting has the perfect LED high bay solution for all your manufacturing and assembly facilities.

Industrial Warehousing / Distribution

Industrial warehouse spaces require resilient lighting solutions capable of withstanding harsh temperatures, humidity fluctuations, and more than the occasional bump from heavy equipment. EverLast Lighting offers lighting solutions engineered to perform in these environments without compromise. From single module fixtures producing 17,000 lumens, to triple module 100,000 lumen plus lights, EverLast Lighting is engineered for your harshest environments.

Food / Beverage Facilities

EverLast Lighting manufactures NSF rated led high bay lights engineered to deliver high-lumen lighting for the food and beverage processing markets. Meeting the NSF/ANSI 2-2021 standard, our LED high bay is ideally suited for food and beverage processing facilities. In addition to the NSF rating, our high bays have also achieved an NSF splash zone rating and are capable of complete hose down cleaning.

Parking / Loading Areas

EverLast Lighting manufactures a powerful, cost-effective parking and site lighting package with the Encounter Series area lights. Available in lumen packages starting at 14,760 lumens and reaching an impressive 69,200 lumens. Distribution packages of Type III, Type IV, and Type V are delivered via over-chip-optics designed to provide accurate light delivery, as well as sensor options to suit every project need.

Limited Warranty

With over 20 years of business in the lighting industry, EverLast Lighting’s industry-leading options and features make every fixture truly built for you.

With its core focus on commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions, Everlast Lighting understands how quality lighting impacts your business. That’s why every project starts and ends with you, the customer, and is backed by our industry-leading 5-Year warranty.


Engineered specifically for heavy industrial and high ambient temperature environments.


High-efficiency design equates to dollars saved versus traditional lighting.


Backed by EverLast Lighting’s industry-leading warranty and support services.

"EverLast provides near limitless customization and configuration to meet specific needs not served by any other lighting manufacturer."

The EverLast Lighting line of LED high bay lights represents the ideal solution for manufacturing facilities of all types due to its exceptional combination of efficiency, durability, and adaptability. EverLast Lighting offers a diverse range of high bay lights all capable of customization to meet specific facility requirements. Whether it’s a large-scale automotive plant or a precision-focused electronics manufacturing center, with EverLast Lighting, manufacturing facilities can enhance productivity, reduce overheads, and ensure a well-lit, safe, and productive working environment.

Looking For Case Studies?

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