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We know illuminating your indoor space is a top priority. EverLast’s high lumen low bay fixtures take LED performance and intensity to the next level. By utilizing a solution-based manufacturing approach, EverLast outshines the industry-standard “cookie-cutter” fixtures by offering a wide array of accessories and customization options that are sure to fit your application. EverLast’s traditional, yet aesthetically pleasing, round fixtures are lighting engineered to perform, while our linear high bay delivers exceptional lighting in a traditional linear design perfect for aisleways and direct T8 replacement situations.


The Legend Series LED low bay fixtures are ideal for your commercial, retail, or other interior spaces where mounting heights are lower than 20′. Starting with a 100w module (tunable down to 40w) and then adding numerous reflector and lens options, the Legend Series High Lumen low bay line is fully customizable to match your interior spaces’ lighting and aesthetic needs.
Regardless of the application, EverLast builds, “Lighting Engineered to Perform”.


The Legend Linear Series low bay fixture has been engineered to deliver brilliant, glare-free lighting in a traditional linear form factor. The perfect solution for warehouse and commercial aisles where product visibility on racks is important. The sleek aesthetic makes this an unobtrusive yet powerful lighting solution where aging fluorescent lights need replacing.
The EverLast Linear Series is, “Engineered to Perform.”

Top Applications

EverLast fixtures are the ideal fit for almost any application. Utilizing powerful LEDs and industry-leading patented technology, EverLast LED fixtures outperform the competition. From warehousing to agriculture, Everlast is, “Lighting Engineered to Perform”.


Upgrading your lighting to EverLast can increase security and productivity at your warehousing facility.

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Heavy Industrial

From steel plants and foundries to pulp and paper mills, the EverLast fixtures are built for the most severe conditions.

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EverLast’s fixtures will improve the quality of your lighting, efficiency and make a significant impact on your space.

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Looking for more featured applications? EverLast is “Lighting Engineered to Perform” for you and your industry.