Built to be Customized

EverLast Lighting understands that not all lighting projects are created equal, and some jobs may require more than a standard “off-the-shelf” solution. Let the team at EverLast show you how our “Built for You” philosophy translates into a completely customized lighting solution thanks to our in-house fabrication facilities.

  • In-house custom machining
  • In-house sheet metal fabrication
  • In-house custom color options
  • In-house design services
  • In-house controls system consultations

Built to be customized, built to EverLast for you.

Our product line is nearly infinitely customizable to meet the needs of every customer’s application.

Among the many options available to our customers are the family of indestructible polycarbonate optics. From our polycarbonate bubble optic to the EverLast designed polycarbonate uplight cone, our optics packages are unmatched in the industry and built to EverLast.

10-Year, No Red Tape,
Limited Warranty

With over 20 years of business in the lighting industry, EverLast Lighting’s industry-leading options and features make every fixture truly built for you.

With its core focus on commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions, Everlast Lighting understands how quality lighting impacts your business. That’s why every project starts and ends with you, the customer and is backed by our industry-leading 10-Year, No Red Tape, warranty.


EverLast’s LED products will improve the quality of your lighting, efficiency and make a significant impact on your overall space.


Increase your energy savings while decreasing your maintenance costs when you update your project to EverLast LED fixtures.


EverLast’s team of passionate lighting professionals are here for you before, during and after the project. Every project, every time, EverLast is built for you.

"EverLast simply offers a superior product and unparalleled service and support."

The ideal lighting solution may not exist in a standard offering from most lighting manufacturers. That is why EverLast Lighting prides itself on the ability to listen to the customer’s specific needs, and when necessary design and deliver a fully customized lighting package unavailable anywhere else. Contact us today so we can build your LED lighting solution the way you need it.

Looking For Case Studies?

Want to learn more about EverLast’s successful LED lighting projects? Below are case studies from multiple industries that highlight EverLast’s team, products, and solutions.

Let Us Show You How We Be Can Customized For You

EverLast fixtures are the ideal fit for almost any application, and nearly every product we manufacture can be customized to fit your project’s exact needs. Every EverLast product utilizes powerful LEDs and industry-leading patented technologies for reliability and performance.
This is why EverLast fixtures outperform the competition in nearly every application imaginable

LED High Bays

EverLast's high lumen fixtures take LED performance and intensity to the next level.

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LED Wall Packs

The EverLast LED wall packs provide superior performance for multiple applications.

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LED Panel Lighting

EverLast's LED Series panel lighting is ideal for illuminating any area with a drop ceiling.

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