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Built for Retail

EverLast retail LED fixtures are built for you. With patented uplighting technology and performance engineered for your space, EverLast’s LED fixtures are the easy choice when upgrading your space. Additionally, EverLast’s fixtures can reduce your energy and maintenance cost significantly over the life of the fixture.

Enhance your space with our exclusive retail lighting packages. These fixtures are ideal in applications such as big box stores, hotels, hospitals, schools, and many other retail environments. EverLast’s clean, modern fixtures will increase the aesthetics of your space while reducing your energy consumption.

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Avoid costly maintenance costs
  • Create a better shopping experience
  • Increase foot candles

  • Improve employee safety
  • Rebates available
  • Multiple reflector options available
  • Multiple wattage options for your interior lighting needs

Recommended Retail Fixtures

EverLast fixtures are the ideal fit for almost any application. Utilizing powerful LEDs and industry-leading patented technology, EverLast fixtures outperforms the competition. From warehousing to agriculture, Everlast is Built for You.

Legend Retailer

The Retailer LED High Bay Package creates the ideal balance between up and vertical light to enhance store interior and product shelving.

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LED Linear High Bay

The Legend Series LED Linear high bay reduces existing ballast and bulb maintenance, decreases costly disposal fees, and greatly improves light quality.

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Looking for more LED lighting options? EverLast has industry-leading LED solutions with the nation’s leading warranty.