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Spec Sheets, IES Files, & Installation Instructions

Below you will find our product spec sheets, IES files, and installation instructions.
Locate your product of interest and the files you need, then simply right-click, choose “save as”, and it’s downloaded and ready to print or email!

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Free Printable Content for Your Lighting Agency!

Use the downloadable brochures and flyers to help drive sales and inform potential customers of the benefits gained by using EverLast products! Simply right-click, “save as”, and it’s downloaded and ready for print or email!

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From YMCA’s and private aquatic facilities to hotel pools and high school swimming facilities the EverLast line of high bays are perfect for natatorium lighting! Show your clients why with this handy flyer.

A traditional design built with the best components in LED lighting and backed by an amazing warranty are exactly what your natatorium/aquatic center customers are looking for! And this flyer lets them know what brand to choose!

When your customer needs an ARRA compliant lighting solution EverLast Lighting is the logical choice. Download our ARRA brochure to show them why.

When your client requires powerful lumen output and light delivery but needs to reduce the number of fixtures, introduce them to the HL16 high-wattage LED high bay.

Show your clients the light they never knew existed! The ACE Series indirect sports light is the perfect solution for indoor athletic facilities and sports domes.

Safety, security, and the EverLast promise of reliability all come built into the new G13 parking and canopy luminaire.

Powerful, reliable, and built to endure the harshest operating conditions imaginable. The EverLast Lighting Legend Series High Lumen Multi-Module high bay delivers where all other lights cannot.

Indoor sports lighting can be complex, but the ACE Series from EverLast makes it simple. Glare-free, nearly indestructible, and available in up to 118,800 lumen output packages! Now you have an ACE up your sleeve the competition can’t beat!

Show your customers why the EverLast HL17B is the LED high bay being used in the largest indoor LED lighting project in the nation. Don’t forget to let them know about the 10 year, no red-tape warranty too!

The food processing, production, and packaging markets demand a superior lighting product for success, and EverLast delivers that and more in the NSF15 food-safe LED high bay. IP69K rated for steam pressure washdown and of course, controls ready.

When your customers ask why EverLast Lighting is the brand you are recommending hand them this one-page pdf. The perfect way to show them EverLast Lighting is the perfect brand for them.

Show your customers why your agency represents EverLast Lighting with this easy to distribute pdf. Perfect for print or email!

A simple one-page flyer for your customers who are interested in a food-safe LED luminaire. Small file size for easy attachment to your next email.

When your customer needs incredible lumen delivery in a single unit form factor, the HL16 high watt LED high bay is a perfect choice! This one page flyer gets right to the point and can be sent out in your next email.

A clean and simple one page flyer to show your clients the benefits of choosing the EverLast Retailer Series LED high bay.

Show your clients why the HL17B LED high bay from EverLast Lighting is the perfect choice for them with this visually appealing one-page document.

Show your customers how the EverLast line of LED products can be customized to meet their needs.

From mild to wild, EverLast can build customized lighting solutions for your clients!