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V2F Series


Designed as a one-light solution for indoor growing, the EverLast Lighting V2F is capable of supporting plant growth from the vegetative stages through flowering and into hartvest.

  • Limited Warranty: 10 Years
  • Wattage: 720w
  • Color Temperature: Multi-Spectrum Including UV and Infrared spectrums
  • PAR Measurements: 800 PAR @ 12″ – 275 PAR @ 48″
  • Cooling: Passive Heatsink System


The EverLast V2F PRO horticulture light, with its patent-pending design, has been engineered to be an all-in-one lighting solution for any indoor growing application. Featuring independent lighting arrays capable of being directed to where light is needed most, and every LED emitter has its own 90º reflector to maximize light delivery to your plants. With its efficient passive cooling design, the V2F PRO has no moving parts in its cooling system that could lead to failure. It is because of this intelligent design, we are able to provide an industry-leading 10-year warranty on the V2F PRO.

  • PAR Output: 720w Fixture
  • 12″: 800 PAR
  • 18″: 700 PAR
  • 24″: 600 PAR
  • 36″: 400 PAR
  • 48″: 275 PAR
  • Driver: Moons High-Efficiency Electronic Drivers
  • Specialty Emitters: Cree Infrared >700nm
  • Specialty Emitters: Nichia Ultraviolet <400nm
  • Rating: IP65
  • Temperature Rating: -40 to 122Fº (-40 to 50°C)
  • UL: 1598
  • Mechanical Materials: White, powder coat finish for improved corrosion resistance
  • Optics: Integrated 90º reflector on each chip for optimal light distribution
  • Standard Accessories:
  • 10’ (120”) adjustable cable mount


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