Built for PicklePlex

PicklePlex Secures EverLast Lighting for Illuminating Comeback after Hurricane IAN

Facility: PicklePlex of Punta Gorda
Location: Tampa, FL
Application: Outdoor Pickleball Facility
Partner: Trowbridge Energy Group, CourtCo


In 2022, Hurricane IAN struck PicklePlex in Punta Gorda, destroying 54 lights. With an upcoming PPA tournament and a goal to enhance night-time play, they chose to go with EverLast’s Outdoor Area Lights, to make their courts shine brighter than ever before.


✓ 10 Yr. Warranty Ideal For Sports
✓ Custom Green Powdercoat Finish
✓ Balanced Lighting and Increased Visibility
✓ Reduced Maintenance Costs
✓ Increased Player Visual Acuity Realized


Located in the heat of Western Florida, PicklePlex has been a competitive place for those who love Pickleball. As the sport of Pickleball has been receiving more and more attention, PicklePlex understands the importance of quality lighting for all of its courts. When Hurricane IAN hit, PicklePlex needed quality lights that could give a professional level of vision to its members.


In 2022 PicklePlex was hit hard by Hurricane Ian, which ended up wiping out all of the existing lighting above their Pickleball courts.  Although they wanted to replace these fixtures with quality offerings, they had a time limit on when they had to get the new fixtures installed.  A PPA tournament was incoming, and the new lights needed to be installed by then.


Trowbridge Energy Group was able to find a fixture that met the needs of PicklePlex, and ordered EverLasts Outdoor Area Lights.  These Lights would be able to be shipped out and installed in time, and provided the courts with lighting made for athletic performance.


“A major contributor to the recovery effort ( after Hurricane IAN in Sept 2022) was Trowbridge Energy Group (EverLast Lighting), who responded quickly to our needs. Seventy-two replacement light fixtures and accessories were ordered within 3 weeks after the hurricane event…The quality of the product, including a 10-year warranty, and its unit cost is unmatched in the industry. Working with Trowbridge Energy Group (EverLast Lighting) was seamless, with great communication throughout the process. Not only did they play a key role with the efficient recovery of the PicklePlex, but the lighting is much improved. Great team effort!”

– Board of Directors – PicklePlex