Built for Olivet High School

Small Town School Lights Gym Affordably and Effectively With EverLast Lighting

Facility: Olivet High School
Location: Michigan
Application: School Gymnasium
Partners: West Michigan Lighting, Medler Electric
Utility: Consumer’s Energy

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Olivet High School Gymnasium Lighting LED high bay


The Olivet school system, like so many across the U.S., was in search of a solution to their aging gymnasium lights that would fall within the budget constraints of their small community. Upon speaking with their local lighting electrician and, manufacturer’s representative, the decision to use the EverLast Lighting Legend Series high bay was a clear choice.


✓ 10 Yr. Warranty Ideal For Impact Sports
✓ Robust Fixture Designed to Withstand Direct Impacts
✓ Footcandles Increased From 32 to 55+ Foot Candles
✓ Seamless integration with 3rd Party Controls
✓ Increased Player Visual Acuity Realized


Tucked away in the farmlands of mid-Michigan, is the small community of Olivet. Like many small towns, Olivet has a school system that is very budget conscious yet still in need of making lighting improvements to its indoor athletic facilities. The need for cost-efficient, durable, long-lasting lights meant EverLast Lighting, and the Legend Series high bays were the logical solution for their lighting needs.


With Olivet’s existing 6 lamp T5 fixtures nearing their end of life, and requiring constant maintenance, there was an immediate need to deliver a robust, reliable, zero maintenance lighting solution. The new lighting solution would not only need to increase light levels at the floor, but also increase light distribution, and do so without the need for running new wiring. Additionally, and paramount to the success of the install would be the need to offer seamless integration with an existing 3rd party set of controls.


Regional distributor Medler Electric presented the Olivet school’s maintenance director with the perfect led lights for their specific needs. The Legend Series of high bay lights, with its open controls design, allowed Olivet high school to continue taking advantage of their existing controls system and electrical infrastructure, thus saving vital financial resources. This ease of integration, coupled with a durable maintenance-free design, and the high efficiency the Legend Series provides were ultimately the key deciding factors in choosing the EverLast brand.


“The moment the new lighting was turned on in full for the first time, the positive results were immediately apparent to everyone present” stated the Olivet schools maintenance director. The jump in foot candle readings went from roughly 32 foot candles up to a brilliant 55+ foot candles. This provided not only the desired lighting increase the sports teams were hoping for, but the integration with the existing controls system allowed staff to manage the lighting the way they were accustomed to. Every step of the way, EverLast Lighting was there to answer questions, and help develop the solution that the Olivet school district needed.


EverLast simply offers a superior product and unparalleled service and support.

R. Wood | Distributor

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