Built for Car-Min-Vu Dairy Farms

EverLast Lighting Partners To Create Solutions For Dairy Farms

Facility: Car-Min-Vu Dairy Operation
Location: Webberville, Michigan
Application: Long Daylight Dairy Operation
End Customer: Car-Min-Vu Farms
Partner: DTE Energy – Grant Provider
Partner: Michigan State University – Study Facilitator
Partner: Clarus Lighting – Manufacturer’s Rep

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Car-Min-Vu Farms located in Webberville, Michigan is a multi-generational family owned dairy farm that maintains 950 cows on nearly 2000 acres. Car-Min-Vu recently partnered with DTE Energy and the Michigan State University School of Agriculture to partake in a long term study of Long Day Lighting through the use of LED lighting as a way to increase milk production at their facility.


✓ Increased Milk Production

Integration with Canopy

✓ Lights for Zone Lighting

Footcandles Increased from 1fc to 30 – 40fc

Integration with 3rd Party Controls Systems

✓ 5-9% Increase in Milk Production

✓ Improved Employee and Livestock Safety


Chad Minnis of Car-Min-Vu Dairy in Webberville, Michigan had a vision of slow, steady growth for his family’s long-time dairy operation. Following his 1995 graduation from Michigan State University, Minnis returned to what was at the time, a 60-cow dairy farm to initiate that growth. Today Car-Min-Vu is more than 10 times its original size, farming on roughly 2,000 acres with more than 950 cows, of which, over 850 are in prime milking condition thanks to the benefits from the Long Day Lighting method of dairy production.


Starting in 2012 most dairy farmers removed GMO’s from the cow’s supplemental feed in the form of genetically engineered corn and soy-based on public concerns related to food safety, regulation, labeling, and environmental impact. With this, the percentage of daily milk production was reduced by around 10%. At which point the farmers started looking towards solutions such as Long Day Lighting.


The decision to use the EverLast Legend Series highbays was reached for several reasons, one of which was its ability to be integrated directly with a variety of controls systems such as those from Synapse, which Car-Min-Vu had adopted for this project. Additionally, EverLast designed and built custom junction boxes to house and protect the Synapse modules Car-Min-Vu selected for their barns. Understanding the specific requirements that each of Car-Min-Vu’s buildings demanded, the decision to use the EverLast Legend Series highbays, coupled with the custom engineering efforts, created an end-to-end solution to this complex installation. Furthermore, the EverLast 10 year warranty gave Car-Min-Vu the confidence they needed to trust EverLast as their lighting solution provider.


While the full effects of Car-Min-Vu’s new Long Day Lighting system are still being analyzed, current data has shown a positive increase in milk production of a projected 8% or more, with no dietary changes to the herd. An additional benefit of the install has created dramatic improvements in aisle lighting which enhanced employee safety by providing more visibility for their employees.


Working with EverLast Lighting representatives was easy, helpful, and one of the highlights of the project.

Mark V. | Biosystems and Agricultural Engineer

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