Built for Alma Machinery Co.

Growing Manufacturer Improves Safety And Performance

Facility: Alma Machinery Co.
Location: Jackson, Michigan
Application: Manufacturing Facility
End Customer: Alma Machinery Co.
Partner: Consumers Energy

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Alma Machinery Co. maintains the world’s largest inventory of late model, used industrial presses. Each press undergoes a rigorous reconditioning process to ensure Alma’s customers get the best press for their money.


✓ Estimated 175,302 kWh’s Annual Savings
✓ Increased Number of Fixtures
✓ While Reducing Energy Costs
✓ Footcandles Increased to 90+ for Precision Labor
✓ Improved Employee Safety
✓ Optimized Lighting Distribution
✓ $11,248 In Rebates 1.5 Year ROI


Alma Machinery Co., a family-owned business founded in 1948, has grown to become the world’s largest warehouser and supplier of used heavy industrial presses. Their newly acquired Jackson, Michigan, facility was purchased following a fire that occurred while under the previous owner’s occupancy. The building, used to house the massive inventory of equipment, is critical to Alma Machinery’s ability to fulfill orders on a global scale.


When Alma Machinery took possession of their Jackson, Michigan, facility, they were presented with a lighting scheme that had not been updated in over 30 years. Consisting of an odd mix of metal halide, T8 fluorescent, and high-pressure sodium, the lighting could best be described as “unique.” The property consists of a large building that is broken up into several spaces, each of which has a specific function, and distinct lighting needs.


Alma Machinery requested an unusually high light output (70+ footcandles), roughly 90 foot-candle was delivered. This incredibly intense lighting demand was needed for the precision repair work done on their revolving inventory of equipment. The need for a lighting installation that provides workers with adequate light coverage at all times is paramount to their day, to day operations. Couple these demands with 30’ mounting heights and it was apparent that not just any LED light fixture would do.


Faced with the need for massive lumen output from a high mounting height, EverLast decided that Alma Machinery needed the Legend Series high bay. Not a standard high bay, the high-lumen Legend Series outputs a staggering 160+ lumens per watt. The wattage used for Alma Machinery was the 240 watt Legend Series producing over 38,700 lumens per fixture.


The Legend Series high bay light output, coupled with the choice of a bright white 5000k color temperature, provided a massive increase in optical acuity for each employee’s work environment. Additionally pairing the solid Legend Series high bays with a specially designed 22-inch aluminum reflector provided Alma Machinery with the intense, and focused light pattern necessary to deliver the requisite 70+ foot candle request. The Legend Series quality light was enough for Alma Machinery to select the EverLast brand., but when they learned their lights would qualify for large utility rebates, “that was the icing on the cake.” said one of the owners.


Of all the capital improvements we’ve completed, from sandblasting the walls and ceilings, to replacing the concrete, the most notable improvement we made was the lighting upgrade. We reduced our wattage and almost tripled our light output. It feels like a whole new facility.

Charles B. | Facilities Manager

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