Proud to be ARRA Compliant

The complexities surrounding lighting installations at government facilities can be daunting, and knowing which brands qualify even more so. But for nearly 20 years EverLast Lighting has been proud to have its lighting products used in government facilites across the country and around the globe thanks to our ARRA compliant inventory of lighting options. From State and Federal offices to military bases, EverLast Lighting is the American brand our government can count on.

U.S. Facilities Using EverLast Products

  • Naval Station Pearl Harbor: Hawaii
  • Fort Rucker: Alabama
  • Selfridge ANG: Michigan
  • Eglin AFB: Florida
  • Whiteman AFB: Missouri
  • USCG: Florida & Alabama


ARRA Section 1605 establishes requirements for federal government projects funded with stimulus monies: “None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by [the ARRA] may be used for a project for the construction, alteration, maintenance, or repair of a public building or public work unless all of the iron, steel, and manufactured goods used in the project are produced in the United States.” Iron and steel used as components or subcomponents of other manufactured construction materials do not need to be produced in the United States. There is no requirement that components and subcomponents be U.S.-origin provided the manufactured construction material is “produced in the United States.” (FAR 25.001(c)(4)) Section 1605 does not contain a domestic cost requirement. However, the government has not defined “produced” for purposes of the ARRA Buy American provision. Many commentators have adopted the “substantial transformation” test to determine whether a manufactured article is “produced” in the United States for purposes of Section 1605. Section 1605 contains a requirement that the Buy American provision be applied in a manner consistent with U.S. obligations under international agreements. As a result, national treatment is extended to products from countries with which the United States has entered a free trade agreement (e.g., Canada, Mexico, Bahrain, Chile, etc.) and to products from countries that have signed the WTO Government Procurement Agreement. National treatment is also extended to least developed countries (LDCs) (e.g., Bhutan, Mali, Zambia, etc.) but not to Caribbean basin countries (e.g., Belize, Haiti, Bahamas, etc.).

Award-winning, industry-leading LED lighting solutions.

With thousands of customizable options available, EverLast has the products you need for almost any application. Every fixture is backed with an industry-leading No Red Tape limited warranty.

Area Lighting

EverLast Lighting offers an extensive line of area lighting that are in use at businesses and major retailers across America. Featuring distribution types and price points to meet the needs of any project. Let EverLast keep your business illuminated.

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High-Temp LED High Bay

The Legend Series high-temperature high bays have a proven track record in steel mills and foundries across America. Designed to operate in ambient air temperatures of 65ºC with no lumen throttling, and available in lumen packages exceeding 100,000 lumens!

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