Standard and IP65 High/Low Bay Gear Box
High-Tech Wi-Fi
High-Tech Wi-Fi Standard and IP65 High/Low Bay Gear Box
Extruded OEM
Extruded OEM Grade Housings
High Wattage
High Wattage IP65 OEM Grade Housing


Tesleon® Digital Induction Lighting Powered by Bosch is nothing short of a whole new genre in the lighting space.

Onboard Digital Controls merged with patented lamp technology net a lighting system of unprecedented source efficacy, controllability and reliability.


Digital: Flexible Digital Controls with an onboard CPU result in unmatched controllability and capability when compared to rigid analog based, antiquated traditional lighting systems.

• Scheduling     • Hums Reporting
• Dimming        • Open Source

  • physics


    By honing in on the optimized formulaic values for each critical component; including fill pressure, current density, tube geometry, and coupler properties, our technical team created a system with an unmatched physical performance profile.


    With the correct understanding of how lamp values affect power draw relative to system life, and by leveraging the inherent flexible controllability of a digital system; precise power management can be used to optimize efficiency and mitigate degradation.


    Tesleon®’s commitment to controlling lamp manufacturing means controlling the critical processes. Through vertical integration our engineers have direct control over vital steps in the manufacturing of the system, including cleaning, purging, filling and coating the lamp.


    Owning the manufacturing chain doesn’t only mean controlling processes, it also means using only the highest quality raw materials. With digital induction by Tesleon®, our engineers have specified and utilized only the highest grade glass, phosphors, processors and electronics components.

    lumen maintenance system
  • Active Power Quality Management System

    Active Power Quality Management System Tesleon® Digital Induction Drivers are truly the first system with an aggressive, active power quality management system specifically designed to take on the challenges of today’s grid problems. With increased levels of power quality problem protection mechanisms, ruggedness and reporting functionality, Tesleon® Digital Drivers are equipped for any application. Gone are the days of surge protection mechanisms and board designs.

    • HUMS System: Health (reports driver & stores error codes) Usage (logs hours/temperature/on-off cycles/power quality events by type) Monitors (electronics temperatures, light sensor reading*, input/output voltage, lamp presence, input power consumption and quality*)
    • Serviceable Fuse: Designed to handle transient voltage spikes
    • Winking Mechanism: Designed to shut driver off during temporary over voltage situations, turns back on once event has passed

    Controls and Communication

    Tesleon® Digital Induction Drivers offer unmatched levels of onboard intelligence including various programmable control options and connectivity via integrated antenna technology.

    • 0-10V: Configurable for bi-level or variable dimming
    • Maximum and minimum limits are specifiable and programmable
    • Controlled by ZigBee Protocol: ZigBee Home Automation, IEEE 802.15.4
    • Cloud Based Control and Communication / Control and Usage Data/ Cellular Options for remote or secure applications*
    • Tesleon® Digital Induction Technology Boasts a 10 Year Warranty

    Also Available in Select Tesleon® Options:

    Health Usage Monitoring System (HUMS)