Terms and Conditions of 10 year limited warranty

EverLast® Induction Lighting warrants that our fixtures, ballasts, and lamps will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years or 60,000 hours (which ever comes first) from date of installation or date of manufacture if installation date is unknown. Ballasts, lamps, and fixtures demonstrated to be defective within the warranty period will be repaired or replaced at EverLast® Induction Lightings discretion, at no cost provided the fixtures are installed and operated in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.

This warranty applies only to the original purchase for fixtures used within the US, Canada, or other countries as specified by EverLast® Induction Lighting. The warranty is non-transferable.

EverLast® Induction Lighting reserves the right to examine all failed induction lighting systems and reserves the right to be the sole judge as to whether any housing, lamp and/or ballast is defective and covered under this warranty.

EverLast® Induction Lighting will not be liable for:
  • Problems resulting from external causes such as accident, abuse, misuse, mishandling, negligence, fire, water damage, theft, vandalism, riot, explosion, natural disaster, or other external causes unrelated to product performance.
  • Products for which Everlast® Induction Lighting has not yet received full payment.
  • Conditions demonstrating misuse, faulty installation, misapplication, extreme environmental conditions beyond those defined in the product specification, under/over voltage situations, lack of compliance with applicable instructions, improper or inadequate maintenance, negligence, accident, or tampering. Note ballast ratings for limits on operating temperatures.
  • Situations in which EverLast® lamps and/or ballasts are replaced with those from other manufacturers.
  • Products not manufactured by EverLast® Induction Lighting, this includes sensors and/or additional controls.
  • Costs for shipping.
  • Costs for installation.
Effective June 29, 2009. Warranty terms and conditions do not pertain to purchases made prior effective date

For further information on EverLast® Induction Lightings warranty policy
contact us at 888-383-7578 or email warranty@everlastlight.com