Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is EverLast® Induction technology?
EverLast® Induction technology is a fluorescent lamp without electrodes. In this advanced technology the lamp relies on a magnetic induction to ignite the phosphors rather than electrodes (electrodes are the components which burn out in a linear lamp resulting in frequent replacement). Since these lamps do not have any components which can burn out the induction lamps are rated at 100,000 hours, lasting longer than 100 incandescent, 5 HID, or 5 typical fluorescent lamp changes.

What voltage can the EverLast® fixtures operate at?
The EverLast® Induction Fixtures will operate on single phase, multi-voltage between 110v & 277v.

What temperature can the EverLast® fixtures operate at?
The majority of EverLast® Induction Fixtures operate from -20 deg. F to 122 deg. F; exterior EverLast® fixtures operate from -40 deg. F to 122 deg. F

Are the EverLast® fixtures energy efficient?
Yes, the EverLast® fixtures are equipped with electronic ballasts which operate at a high frequency rate. Typically a 250w Induction lamp can be compared to a new 400w Metal Halide from a light output standpoint however the 250w Induction fixture pulls 265 watts where as the 400w HID pulls approximate 454 watts. Another one of the advantages to the EverLast® efficiency, the fixtures also operate at a lower temperature than competitor fixtures.

What quality of light do the EverLast® Fixtures produce?
The EverLast® fixtures are equipped with fluorescent lamps running at 5000 Kelvin and 90 Color Rendering Index (CRI); additional Kelvin temperatures (4100 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin) are available as a special order.

Are there quantity price breaks for the EverLast® Fixtures? Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, we offer price breaks on these fixtures based on total quantity purchased on one invoice. Yes, we offer payment plans for a total invoice cost which consists of monthly payments based on the overall total. The process takes about 5-7 business days to complete and following completion the fixtures are shipped with monthly payments to follow.