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Purchase orders and prepay orders for EverLast® fixtures are processed shortly upon receipt. Once an order is processed, it becomes subject to the EverLast® return policy, regardless if the order has or has not been shipped.

Return Policy

No returns are accepted for EverLast® orders over $2,000. EverLast® orders under $2,000 may be returned for in-house credit less a 25% restocking fee. EverLast® fixtures accepted for return must be in the original packaging and received in as new condition within 14 days of invoice date. Fixtures arriving damaged and/or without original packaging will be refused.


EverLast® selects and partners with reliable, reputable freight carriers; however shipping damage does occasionally occur. EverLast® makes every effort to ensure that your shipment arrives on time and in good condition and when a claim arises, we will work with you to solve the issue quickly. Product damaged in shipping will be replaced by EverLast® at no cost to the customer if the following guidelines are followed when reporting damage.

LTL Freight and Common Carrier:

Unless the entire shipment appears completely damaged upon receipt, please accept the shipment. DO NOT refuse the shipment rather, if damage is apparent please note on the delivery notice, "Accepted pending further inspection" or "Accepted as damaged, subject to further inspection" and notify EverLast® customer service 888-383-7578 and the freight carrier's customer service (telephone number on the BOL) within 24 hours of receipt of freight. If freight is accepted without noting accepted subject to inspection or accepted damaged; neither the freight carrier, nor EverLast® can be responsible for any damage. In the event you have signed for a shipment and later discover concealed damage (damage that is not obvious without removing the packaging) immediately contact EverLast® customer service at 888-383-7578 for instruction regarding how to proceed. Stop unwrapping the remaining contents, DO NOT discard any packing materials or cartons as doing so will hinder a basis for a claim and if you are able to, take digital photo of concealed damaged with date stamp and KEEP all original packaging, including cartons and contents until the claim resolution process is finished. It may be necessary to make the packaging available for inspection and/or retrieval by freight carrier or third party agent. Product damage claims will be handled by EverLast® only for the transit between EverLast® facilities to the end destination as listed on the Bill of Lading. Subsequent movement of product not associated with or handled but EverLast® shall not be the responsibility of EverLast®.

UPS Ground Shipments

For shipments received through United Parcel Service (UPS) if damage is obvious upon delivery you may refuse delivery as damaged and immediately call EverLast® customer service at 888-383-7578. If damage to an item is discovered after acceptance of the delivery you must contact EverLast® customer service, 888-383-7578 within 5 business days of delivery so that we may initiate a UPS damage claim and we will be responsible for replacing damaged product. It is very important that you DO NOT discard original packaging box, packing materials or damaged item as UPS must retrieve damaged product and original packaging from the original ship to location in order to verify the damage claim. EverLast® will ship replacement product at no charge once we are notified by UPS that damaged product has been retrieved. Should you fail to notify EverLast® of damage within 5 business days, we may be unable to file damage claim with UPS and will not be responsible to replace the product at no charge.

Customer Carrier

If customer elects to use their own freight carrier EverLast® will not be responsible for any damage that may occur during the shipping process.