EverLast Lighting Press


12/8/2015 Cleveland Indians, Progressive Field, Select Everlast for Major League Lighting Upgrade (Read)

10/20/2015 YMCA of Randolph New Jersey Undergoing Major Lighting Upgrade (Read)

9/9/2015 Palace of Auburn Hills Selects Everlast for Facility Upgrade (Read)

7/9/2015 Lighting Manufacturer Announces New Product Line (Read)

12/3/2014 Lindsay Honda Installs EverLast® Lighting (Read)

8/25/2014 Lighting Manufacturer Receives Award for Promotional Video Excellence (Read)

8/25/2014 EverLast® Lighting Receives Horizon Interactive Award in Partnership with CV Media

8/7/2014 Kent State University Selects Induction Lighting for Campus Wide Energy Retrofit

7/9/2014 EverLast® Lighting with Smart Controls Is Used In Parking Lot Lighting Upgrade at UniGroup (Read)

4/25/2014 Steel Manufacturing Giant Replaces Various LED Lines with Induction Lighting (Read)

4/25/2014 Small Business Association Honor Nation's Top Small Businesses  (Read)

4/10/2014 Pita Pan Installs Nearly 300 Induction Light Fixtures (Read)

3/12/2014 Manufacture Develops LED Explosion Proof Canopy Fixture (Read)

3/4/2014 EverLast Lighting Used in UniGroup Parking Lot Upgrade (Read)

2/17/2014 Gatlinburg Convention Center Installs Induction Light Fixtures (Read)

2/3/2014 EverLast® Fixtures Exceeds California's Title 24

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