EverLast® Roadway Lighting

Compared to
  • EverLast® Roadway

    fixtures reduce disabling


    glare by over 50%

    compared to leading

    LED Street Lights.
  • EverLast® Cobras with

    Type II/III distribution

    delivers 40%

    enhanced spacing,

    25% lower wattage,

    Vs. other induction.
  • EverLast® Streetlights

    decrease energy

    consumption 60%,

    compared to HPS/HID.

    100,000 hr. life

    reduces maintenance.
  • Wellworth Cobra head
  • Wellworth Cobra head
  • Wellworth Cobra head
MHT Lighting

Optimal Roadway Lighting

  • Patented Reflector/Refractor System - Roadway Lighting


    Metalized, Specular Reflector, optimized for induction lamp geometry provides superior distribution, increased fixture efficiency, and reduces energy demand. Engineered acrylic lens with prismatic optics reduces glare, enhances spacing, and reduces light pollution.

  • 80% Recycled Polycarbonate - Roadway Lighting

    Recycled Polycarbonate

    Fixture housing made with 80% recycled glass filled polycarbonate means the “greenest” fixture on the market; rugged, durable, ip65 design provides impact resistance, UV resistance, rust resistance and color consistency.

  • Integrated Heat Sink Technology - Roadway Lighting

    Integrated Heat Sink Technology

    heavy duty aluminum/hybrid interior design with increased durability for harsh environments, reduces heat strain prolonging fixture life while also providing a universal, easy installation setup.

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