EverLast® Parking Garage Lighting

Compared to
  • EverLast® Bi-Level

    parking garage fixtures

    provide 57% faster

    ROI than leading

    LED garage fixtures,

    50% life cycle savings
  • Patented Induction/LED

    hybrid design combines

    long lasting efficient

    induction technology

    with ecofriendly,

    monochromatic, LEDs
  • EverLast® Bi-Level

    Parking Garage fixtures

    with integrated SMART

    controls reduce energy

    usage by 50-75%

    compared to HPS/HID.
  • Davenport Bi-Level Garage Fixture
  • BioLume Bi-Level Garage Fixture
  • Classic Bi-Level Garage Fixture
BetaLED The Edge™

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CLTC Study
UC Davis Parking Structure EverLast® Retrofit

Alternative content

  • Prismatic Acrylic Lens - Parking Garage Lighting

    Prismatic Acrylic Lens

    Engineered optics provides uniform distribution and decreased levels of driver / pedestrian glare. Higher grade and efficiency optics net 20% higher delivered lumens compared to competitive induction fixtures.

  • Durable Aluminum Housing - Parking Garage Lighting

    Durable Aluminum Housing

    Die cast, corrosion resistant, powder coated aluminum housing with integrated Heat management system, isolated ballast compartment, light weight and compact structure for easy installation and maintenance.

  • Bi-Level SMART Dimming System - Parking Garage Lighting

    Bi-Level SMART Dimming System

    Intelligent occupancy and daylight controls provide Bi-Level ballast functionality for additional energy savings. Fixture operates at 40% power until sensor is triggered, then fixture switches to 100% power.

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