EverLast® High Bay Lighting

  • EverLast® High Bays

    offer 68% more

    delivered lumens than

    competing fixtures

    resulting in

    greater savings.
  • EverLast® High Bay

    fixtures boast lowest

    Total Cost of

    Ownership over

    T8, HPS, HID.
  • EverLast® High Bay

    Fixtures offer 85%

    lower lifetime

    maintenance cost


    T8 High Bay fixtures.
  • Demo Image
  • Huron Aluminum High Bay
  • Huron Aluminum High Bay 300W/400W
  • Superior Opaque High Bay

  • OptiFlex™ Septum - High Bay Lighting

    OptiFlex™ Septum

    Patented OptiFlex™ Septum Enhancement captures wasted up-light directing it towards the work plane, 68% more efficient than competitor high bay fixtures.

  • UltraFlux™ - High Bay Lighting

    Increased Delivered Lumens

    Patent Pending UltraFlux™ White Interior Coating increases surface reflectivity by 10%, resulting in greater fixture efficiency and increased delivered lumens.

  • EverFlex™ Silicon Lens - High Bay Lighting

    EverFlex Silicon Lens

    Proprietary EverFlex™ Silicon Lens provides a durable solution for impact applications, and is much more effective alternative than tempered glass.

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